How to do a good Google landing page

Many people are easy to ignore this step in advertising, and put all energy centers on optimization of advertising strategies. In fact, the floor page is a very important step in the entire advertisement process. He can affect the jump rate, stay time, conversion rate, etc. for your advertisement. For customers, the landing page is the only way for the landing page to make him contact you and quickly understand you.

And pages will affect key factors such as advertising rating, every click fee and advertising ranking.

For example, if your click on the landing page is improperly designed, runs slowly, or your connection with the user is not good, it may cause your ads to be unable to display like what you want, or it may not be displayed at all.

To see the result of the favorable map in your advertising display location and ranking and every click fee, you need to keep your target webpage experience consistent with the expectations of users.

Best practice of landing page

Design a title centered on interest.

Select a picture that can explain the discount.

Write a striking copy.

Including the potential customer form above folding.

Add a clear and eye -catching call.

Provide related quotations.

As long as you want what you need.

Delete all navigation.

Make your page response.

Optimize search.

Remember to use the thank you page.


1. Design a title centered on interest.

Every 10 people visit your landing page, at least 7 of them will jump out of the page. In order to maintain a lower number, your visitors need to know (and understand) in a few seconds after arriving. Your title is the first thing they read, and it should clearly and simply convey the value of your landing page and quotation.

2. Select a picture that can explain the quotation.

Yes, the image is mandatory, it should represent your target audience. The purpose of your picture is to convey a feeling -it should show what your visitors will feel after receiving your offer. Some images may be better than other images, so you should always take a split test of your options (we will introduce below).

3. Write eye -catching copy.

Don’t spend so much time to make a perfect title, and find that your ideal image performs flat in actual sales of your appeal term. Your copy needs to be clear and concise, and you should guide your visitors to complete the operations you want to complete. The eye -catching copy also uses “you” and “your” to talk directly to the visitors to make them feel. We will introduce copying skills more deeply below.

4. Includes the potential customer table above folding.

If your potential customers want to change immediately, your potential customer form needs to be easy to access -you never want them to search and scan your login page to find your offer. “First screen” just means that the visitor can reach the form without rolling -as long as someone clicks on the page, it will appear in the view. This can be an anchor link for forms or forms. Better is: design your form to roll as the user moves down the page.

5. Add a clear and eye -catching call.

Call for sexual term (CTA) can be said to be the most important element on your landing page -it is one of the many elements that encourage transformation. The CTA button needs to be prominent, which means that you should compare the color with other elements on the page. Determine what you want the visitors to do, even if you use the action verbs for them, such as “submit”, “download” or “get immediately”. More information about the following best practice of CTA.

6. Provide related discounts.

See your target webpage as part of your potential customer get the final offer (that is, your product or service) journey. Your offer is what you provide for your personal information for potential customers. It should not only attract visitors to provide their contact information, but also should be related to your business. Suppose you sell horseshoe iron.

Your quotation may be similar to “10 simple methods to determine the size of horseshoe” because you will eventually ask the leader to buy your horseshoe iron. You will not use the proposal of organic agriculture to attract them, because this will allow them to embark on a completely different path. We will discuss the attraction of discounts in detail below.

7. As long as you want you need.

You want to collect information about potential customers as much as possible, but the amount you request depends on several factors: their understanding of you, the stage where they are in the buyer’s journey, and the degree of trust in you. In the potential customer form, it is required to be as little as possible to reduce the entry threshold. A name and an email are enough to cultivate new potential customers.

8. Delete all navigation.

Your landing page has only one goal, only one goal: transform the visitors into potential customers. Any competitive link -including internal links pointing to other pages on your website -it will disperse the attention of the target. Delete any other links on the page to attract all visitors to pay attention to your appeal.

9. Let your page response.

Just like all other pages on your website, your landing page needs to respond to adapt to each viewing experience. What you do not need is to let your form disappear on mobile devices. Provide visitors all possible transformation opportunities, no matter how they view your page.

You can use tools to help complete this operation. For example, the HubSPot Drag and Play page editor provided in the Marketing Hub Starter allows you to easily create a login page and form for mobile devices optimization.

10. Optimize search.

Of course, you will attract your visitors to your target webpage through email groups, social posts, and other marketing methods, but your webpage should also optimize your paid activities and natural search and use target keywords. When someone searches for your keywords, they should find your landing page. Similarly, when you use paid advertising positioning keywords, these words should exist on your landing page.

11. Remember to use the thank you page.

Thanks for the place where you sent the form for potential customers. Now, you can show the thank you information on the same page or give up the gratitude completely, but there are many reasons that this is not the best choice.

Thanks to the page for having three important purpose:

It provides your promise benefits (usually in the form of real -time download)

It gives you the opportunity to allow your new potential customers to be interested in other related content

This is an opportunity to thank them for their interest, which is very helpful for selling them to customers.

How to design a landing page

Many times, design means creativity, color and beautiful pictures. As far as the landing page is concerned, we will design further to represent functionality, directionality and effectiveness. Therefore, to make a well -designed landing page, you must use your left and right brains at the same time. But don’t make me mean -you still need excellent images and attractive colors to transform your visitors. We will discuss how to integrate all these.

Landing page structure

The good news is that you don’t need to become too creative here. Most landing pages follow a very similar structure because it has proven to be valid. You can inject your creativity through brand elements and images, but you must adhere to the landing page format of people’s habit.

A good landing page has five elements (see the following landing page example to understand the practical application of these elements):

Title of attracting visitors’ attention

Related pictures related to your audience

The potential customer table above the folding can capture the information of the visitors

Action -oriented and eye -catching CTA

Notice and attracting visitors to fill in the copy and instructions of the form